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Why You Should Consider Participating in a Dermatology Clinical Trial

Dermatology clinical trial
Mar 10

Have you ever considered participating in a dermatology clinical trial? Clinical trials are important for developing new, effective treatments for a variety of skin conditions from acne to ...

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What to expect at your first dermatology appointment

Apr 15

There are various reasons why an individual might schedule an appointment to see a dermatologist. Some patients may have been referred to a dermatologist from their primary care ...

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Why is my skin so itchy?

Dec 15

One of the most inconvenient and uncomfortable situations on the skin is that of itching. When your skin itches, it can be difficult to keep your mind off ...

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Why it is important to see a dermatologist?

Nov 15

A dermatologist is a specialized doctor who provides for the care of the skin, hair, and nails. These professionals have the knowledge and education to provide the diagnosis ...

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What can an online dermatologist actually do for you?

May 15

At Florida Academic Dermatology Center, we understand that we are living in challenging times right now with the progression and transfer of the COVID-19 Coronavirus around the world. ...

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