What can an online dermatologist actually do for you?

At Florida Academic Dermatology Center, we understand that we are living in challenging times right now with the progression and transfer of the COVID-19 Coronavirus around the world. We know that many of our patients are practicing proper social distancing and are avoiding making unnecessary trips away from home—especially for those who have pre-existing conditions or advanced age who are at higher risk of developing complications if they contract the virus. Thanks to today’s technology, patients can work with our team without leaving home. Florida Academic Dermatology Center is pleased to offer not only in-office appointments for those who need specific doctor care, but online dermatology appointments as well.

What can an online dermatologist do for you?

While certain conditions and problems require the hands of a skilled professional to achieve, such as cosmetic injections or skin growth removals, other situations can be handled through a video appointment. Patients who are in need of a quick follow-up to get prescription medications refilled or who have general questions about their skin concerns can request a consultation through our online dermatology appointments. If the situation cannot be appropriately handled or examined through telemedicine, we may encourage patients to come into the office to see our professionals whenever it is convenient and safe for them to do so. We want patients to know that they have choices available to them during this concerning time. We want to ensure our patients get the care they need while maintaining their health and focusing on proper social distancing.

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If you reside in Coral Gables, FL and are interested in telemedicine during this time, we welcome you to book an appointment with the team at Florida Academic Dermatology Center. Our providers, including Dr. Francisco Kerdel, want to make patient safety and health our first priority. Call (305) 324-2110 to learn more about video and online dermatology visits, or visit our practice personally at 475 Biltmore Way, Suite 207. Please know that we are committed to keeping all stations, rooms, equipment, and patient contact surfaces clean and sanitized after each visit to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transfer between patients and staff.

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