What is CUTERA excelV™ Treatment?

The FDA-approved CUTERA excelV™ laser delivers precision treatment with a versatility that effectively treats a variety of skin conditions. From deep and superficial vascular problems to benign lesions, the CUTERA excelV™ laser produces amazing and long-lasting results.

Dr. Danielle Nicolazzo at FADCenter

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Little to No Downtime

CUTERA excelV laser treatments are fast, convenient, and virtually painless. No downtime is necessary and you can expect to return to your daily activities immediately after an appointment. After treatment, patients may experience some redness, or bruising, however, these are temporary side effects and will resolve themselves within a few days. Look no further for all of your skin revitalization needs.

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Get Lasting Results

The CUTERA excelV™ Laser can correct red, purple, blue, and brown discolorations. Additionally, CUTERA can be used on nearly all skin types by remedying a variety of skin imperfections.

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