Healthy Skin Month: 5 Essential Skincare Tips Every Dermatologist Recommends

healthy skin month

November is National Healthy Skin Month, so we are sharing our top suggestions to care for your skin every day. Aside from helping minimize the signs of aging, these skincare tips can reduce your risk of melanoma, improve hydration, and boost your skin barrier.

1. Wear Sunscreen Year-Round

Sunscreen is not just for summer. It’s part of healthy skin 101! Our highly sensitive skin needs protection from UV radiation to stay youthful and lower the risk of skin cancer. As you age, your skin becomes more susceptible to sun damage, which makes daily protection even more important.

Choose a product with an SPF of at least 30 for the best results, and apply it to your face, arms, and hands, back of your neck, and any other part of your body that will receive sun exposure. You can even look for tinted sunscreen that offers some cosmetic coverage with UV protection.

2. Improve Skin Hydration

A daily moisturizer is excellent at locking in moisture, but it is not a substitute for good hydration. To avoid drying out your skin, use gentle cleansers that do not strip away natural oils or disrupt your skin’s pH balance. Make sure you also drink enough water each day rather than relying on products to protect your skin. Nothing beats a healthy lifestyle when it comes to great-looking skin!

3. Prioritize Sleep

Quality and quantity matter when it comes to the benefits of sleep for skin health. Adults should aim for six to eight hours of sleep every night. What matters most, however, is that your rest is undisturbed. Your body needs to move through the complete sleep cycle to maximize cellular regeneration and naturally renew your skin. This also helps prevent premature aging.

4. Avoid Trying Too Many Products

With so many skincare products out there, it can be tempting to always try a new serum or toner. But mixing products can wreak havoc on your skin, especially when they have conflicting or harsh ingredients. The best thing to do is find a routine that works for your skin type and use products that are clinically proven to be effective. Not sure where to start? Our dermatologists in Coral Gables, FL, can help!

5. Do Self-Screenings for Skin Cancer

Most Floridians get more sun exposure than people in other parts of the US. Therefore, it is important to regularly look for signs of skin cancer. If you notice any sudden changes in skin color or moles, or new growths, scabs, or rashes, reach out to a dermatologist who can perform an official examination.

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