I Found a New Mole. Should I Get it Checked?


Despite being largely preventable, cutaneous melanoma, a type of skin cancer, is the most serious of the skin cancers. A recent study, which found over 300,000 new cases in 2020, projects the number of melanoma incidences to nearly double by 2040.

Though this growth in skin cancer may be attributable to various factors, one may be due to population ignorance. People may not know when to get a skin cancer screening.

Though many moles may be benign, there are certain situations where going to the doctor for a screening is recommended. Learn more about when to visit Florida Academic Dermatology to have your mole checked.

What Exactly Is A Mole?

Moles, scientifically known as nevi, are growths of skin. They can vary in size, shape, color, and texture. They get their color from pigment cells known as melanocytes and can appear anywhere on the skin, from the scalp to the feet.

Moles are common and, in most cases, benign. Nearly everyone has at least one mole. Moles differ from freckles in that moles are typically raised and textured, whereas freckles are flat and smooth.

When To Visit a Doctor About Your Moles?

The strongest predictor of melanoma is having multiple moles. A new mole may be benign, but every situation is unique and may necessitate a doctor’s visit. Familial melanoma may increase your risk of developing melanoma. If your family has had a history of skin cancer and you develop a new mole, it may be time for a skin cancer screening.

Other indicators to visit the doctor for your moles are changes to the mole, atypical presentation as in moles with odd shapes, and pain. These aren’t automatically signs of melanoma, but they are good indicators to get your skin checked.

Skin Cancer Screening in Coral Gables, Florida

When melanoma is treated, it can have one of the highest 5-year survival rates at 94 percent. Skin cancer screenings are an effective tool to combat melanoma. If you’re wondering when you should get one, the answer is now. The American Cancer Society recommends regular skin cancer screenings.

At Florida Academic Dermatology, the team of dermatological professionals is here to carry you through screenings and questions. Offering educational programs as well, the Florida Academic Dermatology is at the center of advancing dermatology so that you can expect the most cutting-edge technology and treatments.

When it comes to melanoma, don’t delay, a screening can save your life. Contact the Florida Academic Dermatology Center at (305) 324-2110 to schedule a consultation.

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