Why You Should Get BOTOX® Cosmetic

Doctor injects plasma therapy into the girl's neck to relieve pain

BOTOX® Cosmetic is one of the most popular non-surgical aesthetic treatments for good reason. BOTOX injections have a range of uses, from minimizing lines and wrinkles to alleviating common health issues. If you’re unsure whether BOTOX treatments are right for you, read about some of the benefits Florida Academic Dermatology Center’s patients rave about or book a consultation in Coral Gables, Florida at 305-324-2110.

You’ll See Significant Results Without Any Downtime

One of the biggest perks of BOTOX Cosmetic is how quickly you’ll see significant results. While the treatment can take a few days to settle fully, most patients notice an immediate reduction in lines and wrinkles. This injectable is especially effective at treating forehead creases, crow’s feet, lip lines, or glabellar lines (“elevens”). 

The best part is that you don’t need to take the day off for this anti-aging injectable. BOTOX Cosmetic can be administered in minutes and requires zero recovery time. If you’re especially prone to bruising, you might experience some around the injection site, but this typically fades in a few days. Visiting a highly skilled injector, like those at Florida Academic Dermatology Center, and avoiding aspirin or NSAID pain relievers before your treatment can minimize this risk.

BOTOX Can Treat Stubborn Health Conditions

BOTOX treatments are useful for more than just dynamic wrinkles. Because neuromodulators temporarily relax muscles, they can be used to treat certain health conditions. 

You could benefit from BOTOX injections if you have any of the following:

  • Neck spasms
  • Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)
  • Chronic migraines
  • TMJ dysfunction
  • Overactive bladder
  • Cervical dystonia
  • Eye twitching
  • Other involuntary muscular contractures 

If past treatments for these health conditions weren’t working, BOTOX injections may provide the relief you’ve been looking for. 

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At Florida Academic Dermatology Center, our bilingual team, led by experienced dermatologists Dr. Francisco Kerdel and Dr. Frank Don, loves using the most advanced skincare technologies to help you look and feel your best. So whether you’re participating in our research program, seeking clinical healthcare, or trying aesthetic treatments like BOTOX Cosmetic, you’ll receive the same warm and welcoming patient-focused care. Contact our Coral Gables, Florida location at 305-324-2110 to book your appointment.

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