What is the Best Soap for Pimples?

Scowling girl in shock of her acne with a towel on her head.

Patients who have acne often struggle with this condition for years. While some with mild cases can manage the condition with over-the-counter skincare products and soaps, others are unable to achieve the results they desire without the help of a dermatologist. At Florida Academic Dermatology Center in Coral Gables, FL, Dr. Francisco Kerdel and his team are committed to helping patients in achieving the results they desire with an experienced professional. The first step is choosing the right product to help reduce or eliminate pimples, including soaps and facial cleansers.

What soap is best for pimples?

It is important that patients pay close attention to the ingredients used in their soaps and cleansers when they have acne-prone skin. This is because some ingredients used in over-the-counter products can often irritate and aggravate the skin, causing more breakouts—not less! This is why it is essential to work with a dermatologist to determine the cleansers best for removing oil from the skin that contributes to acne. Below are just a few of the more common ingredients found in cleansers and soaps that should be avoided if you have acne:

  • Silicones
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Alcohol
  • Mineral oil
  • Fragrances
  • Isopropyl myristate
  • Coconut oil
  • Lanolin

In some cases, certain acne-related ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide should also be avoided. Even though this ingredient is found in many acne products, it can be extremely drying for some patients and instead ramp up oil production, not reduce it. Instead, patients who have reactions to benzoyl peroxide may want to switch to a product that has salicylic acid, which also helps in treating acne but causes less redness and drying for many of our patients.

Do I need a dermatologist?

Acne and other skin conditions can be problematic for patients, and over-the-counter soaps and cleansers won’t always help. This is why it is critical to work alongside an experienced dermatologist to conquer your acne and improve your skin’s texture, tone, and overall health. Dermatologists have the training and licensing to help patients with not only skin concerns, but issues regarding the hair, nails, and body.

How do I learn more about skincare products right for me?

With the help of Dr. Francisco Kerdel and his team in Coral Gables, FL, many patients are able to clear their skin and improve its health with the right product choices. If you are ready to work with our team and develop a skincare plan that fits your needs, connect with us by calling (305) 324-2110 to request an appointment at 475 Biltmore Way, Suite #207. We are open to new and returning patients to our state-of-the-art practice.

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