How We Diagnose Skin Cancer

One of the growing forms of cancer across all ages is that of skin cancer. Our skin is the largest organ on the body, and the most susceptible to the environment. Because of this, extensive UV exposure from tanning beds or sunlight over the years can significantly increase our risk of developing skin cancer. But with early detection, diagnosis, and treatment, many patients can effectively address this cancer and go on with their lives with minimal interruption. To spot skin cancer, patients should be scheduling annual skin cancer screenings at the Florida Academic Dermatology Center in the Coral Gables, FL area to ensure they catch signs and symptoms before they become a serious problem. 

How is skin cancer diagnosed? 

Skin cancer is diagnosed like many other types of cancer, with a biopsy. A biopsy is the removal of a small sample of the skin of concern, which is then sent off to a laboratory for further testing. If cancerous cells are found in the biopsy, then the patient is diagnosed with skin cancer. Once patients receive a diagnosis of skin cancer, they work with their dermatologist to determine the best course of action. In many cases, excision, or manual removal, is best. 

Are annual skin cancer screenings covered by my medical insurance? 

Many medical insurance companies will cover preventative examinations and screenings such as skin cancer screenings, but it is always a good idea to get a hold of your insurance company to find out before visiting our office for a screening. 

Call the Florida Academic Dermatology Center of Coral Gables, FL toady 

If you are concerned about a growth or mole that has changed and want to undergo an evaluation with a dermatologist, do not waste time connecting with our office to book an appointment. Dr. Francisco Kerdel and his associates can provide a thorough skin cancer screening and biopsy the area to look for signs of cancerous cells. Call (305) 324-2110 to request an appointment at our facility, conveniently located at 475 Biltmore Way in Suite #207. Patients seeking clinical dermatology solutions are welcome to book a consultation visit with our team of professionals.   

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