How UV radiation leads to wrinkles

Dr. Francisco Kerdel and associates at the Florida Academic Dermatology Center are available for Coral Gables, FL area patients who want to learn about ways to take care of their skin. The signs of aging are a typical concern for patients, but did you know that UV radiation exposure can lead to the early development of fine lines and wrinkles? How does this happen? Our team can explain how UV radiation leads to the early signs of aging, just in time for UV Safety Month. 


Photoaging is the premature aging of the skin from UV exposure. Photoaging is caused by UV radiation that penetrates deep within the dermal layers of the skin. It damages collagen while also increasing the production of abnormal elastin, breaking down the skin structures and causing the development of: 

  •         Leathery skin
  •         Age and liver spots
  •         Fine lines and wrinkles
  •         Sagging skin/skin laxity

When photoaging occurs, it can cause patients to look older than they really are. The skin laxity can also cause sagging skin around the chin and jowls, while contributing to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. This, in turn, can significantly impact the skin’s health and appearance. 

How to take good care of the skin 

Fighting the signs of aging is often forefront in patients’ minds, especially when they have experienced significant skin concerns due to UV exposure. Below are a few recommendations to reduce photoaging: 

  •         Follow a good skincare routine that include regular exfoliation
  •         Use a sunblock every day with an SPF of 30 or more
  •         Avoid using tanning beds or spending time outdoors to tan
  •         Maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated
  •         Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol
  •         Visit the dermatologist at least once a year for a skin cancer screening appointment

Learn more about photoaging 

If you are considering ways to protect your skin from sun damage, now is a great time to call Dr. Francisco Kerdel and associates at the Florida Academic Dermatology Center of Coral Gables, FL. Call (305) 324-2110 today to request a consultation at 475 Biltmore Way, Suite #207. 

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