Different types of skin cancer and signs to look for

A skin cancer diagnosis may be scary, but the good news is, with early detection and proper treatment, most patients are able to overcome this condition and lead normal, healthy lives! Dr. Francisco Kerdel and his associates at Florida Academic Dermatology Center in the Coral Gables, Florida area can help educate patients on the types of cancer that can develop and the signs to look for to stay proactive in detection and treatment.

Types of skin cancer and their signs:

  • Basal cell carcinoma – basal cell carcinoma is often found on areas of the skin where exposure to sun has occurred, including the face, head, and neck, though they may appear on the body in places that are not. They may appear as raised, itchy red patches; small pearly bumps that are pink or red; or even flat, pale yellow areas that might look like a scar. It can also develop as open sores that do no heal, oozing or crusting over time.
  • Squamous cell carcinoma – squamous cell carcinoma is also seen in sun-exposed areas, though it has also been found to develop in the skin of the genital area, so a thorough screening can help catch this cancer in the earlier stages. Squamous cell carcinoma often appear as wart-like growths, open sores, raised lumps, or rough and scaly patches of skin that can bleed and crust.
  • Melanoma – melanoma is the most serious cancer and is often found due to changing moles that are existing on the skin. Moles that change in shape, size, color, and border should be evaluated further by a dermatologist.

What happens if cancer is suspected?

Patients who undergo skin cancer screenings with a dermatologist who have an area of concern will undergo a biopsy, where the doctor will remove a small portion of the growth and send it to a laboratory for further evaluation. If the sample comes back as positive for skin cancer, the doctor will contact the patient and schedule an appointment to discuss treatment options.

Learn more about skin cancer with Dr. Francisco Kerdel and associates

Call Florida Academic Dermatology Center of Coral Gables, FL today to discuss the types of skin cancer that can be diagnosed and the signs to look for! The office is located in Suite #207 at 475 Biltmore Way and is reachable by phone for an appointment at (305) 324-2110. New and current patients are welcome at our practice, and can obtain quality dermatological care with our providers.

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