What does it mean to be part of a clinical trial?

In order to test new medical products and services, many medications and devices need to go through a series of clinical trials to test their efficacy and safety. Clinical trials often allow patients to try products for certain conditions before they become more widely available. Being a part of a clinic trial can be exciting, but there’s a lot patients need to consider before agreeing to do so. The team at Florida Academic Dermatology Center in the Coral Gables, FL area encourage patients to learn more about clinical tries before participating.

Getting consent

First and foremost, patients undergoing a clinical trial will need to give their informed consent to participate. This means that they need to get written information to determine if they are eligible to participate and they must sign a written consent form. Children undergoing clinical trials will need their parents’ permission, and older children must agree to take part as well. Most consent paperwork will include information regarding the reason for the study, who is eligible, the possible risks and benefits of the new treatment, and other information that is helpful in allowing children and adults to make educated decisions regarding participation.

Taking part in a clinical trial

Prior to starting the clinical trial, patients will have several tests performed including imaging and blood tests and a full medical history evaluation and physical examination. This is to test the patient’s current health to determine safety. Tests may be done throughout the trial to monitor for any side effects or complications that may arise. Anything out of the ordinary will be evaluated, so it is important for patients to speak up about unusual feelings or physical changes that occur during the trial.

Do I have to complete the clinical trial?

Participating in clinical trials is completely voluntary, and children and adults have the right to leave the clinical trial at any point for any reason. Researchers may still follow up with you after the trial even if you choose to stop participating.

Are you interested in learning more about clinical trials?

Contact the Florida Academic Dermatology Center in Coral Gables, FL at (305) 324-2110. Our team of professionals, including Dr. Francisco Kerdel and associates, are here to help.

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