When to know a mole should be removed

Mole Removal
At Florida Academic Dermatology Center in Coral Gables, FL, nearby residents have access to services that can improve their skin’s health. With never-ending sunny Florida days, skin cancer is a serious concern to men and women in the community. While many patients know that moles may be indicative of cancerous cells present, most are unsure what to look for to determine if their mole is of concern.

Moles on the skin since birth

Many patients have moles on their body that have been present since birth, or those that developed during early childhood. These, by themselves, are not of big concern. However, any changes that occur to the mole may be indicative of cancer. For example, if a mole that has been present for decades begins to change in shape, size, or color, it may be a good time to schedule an evaluation with a provider at Florida Academic Dermatology Center. Our doctor can evaluate the mole, and take a biopsy if needed. This is a sample of the mole that is sent to pathology to look for cancerous cells. At this point, the mole can be removed, or, after evaluation, be left alone if there are no signs of cancer.

Mole removal options

There are a few different ways to remove moles. Some patients may opt to have their mole frozen, which causes it to fall off of the skin over the course of a few weeks. Other patients may decide to have the mole excised from the skin. Depending on the size of the mole, and the placement of the mole on the face or body, this may leave behind scarring. To determine if a mole should be removed, and how, patients should schedule an evaluation with our team.

Visit us to learn more about mole removal

Patients in and around the area of Coral Gables, FL who are faced with unwanted moles or want to have their mole removed for medical or aesthetic purposes are encouraged to contact the team of Florida Academic Dermatology Center. Our providers, including Dr. Francisco Kerdel, are pleased to provide mole removal among other services. Our practice is located at 475 Biltmore Way, Ste. 207 and can be reached by phone at (305) 324-2110.

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