How Many Times a Day Should I Wash My Face?

Beautiful young woman washing her face splashing water in a home bathroom.

Washing your face is something you do every day, but how many times a day should you be doing it to best take care of your skin?

What are the different skin types?

There are several main skin types, and one determining factor is how much sebum (oil) your skin produces:

  • Oily Skin – can have enlarged pores, a dull or shiny complexion, and blemishes
  • Dry Skin – can have almost invisible pores, red patches, more visible lines, a lack of elasticity, and a dull, rough complexion
  • Normal – not too dry and not too oily, normal skin has barely visible pores and few imperfections
  • Combination – can be dry in some places and oily in others, such as the T zone (forehead, nose, and chin)

How often should you wash your face based on your skin type?

The type of skin you have can provide a good guideline for how often you should generally wash your face:

  • Oily Skin twice a day, morning and night. Regular washing helps keep oil from getting trapped in your pores and causing blemishes.
  • Dry Skin – usually once a day, preferably at night when it’s at its dirtiest. Washing removes sebum, so cleansing your face too often could make it drier.
  • Normal – usually twice a day with a gentle cleanser
  • Combination – usually twice a day but can vary depending on your skin’s needs and how it’s responding to your skin care routine. You may need to wash oily or break-out prone areas more and use two different products to meet your skin’s needs.

What aspects of your lifestyle may require variations in your face-washing routine?

Although we’ve presented some guidelines for washing your face, they may need some tweaking. For example, you should try to wash your face as soon as possible after you sweat to avoid clogging your pores, even if you end up washing your face three times a day. And if you travel frequently, pack some antibacterial face wipes to help keep your face clean while you’re on the go.

One face-washing routine may not be appropriate year after year, so be open to any signs that you need to change it. As you get older, for example, your skin can tend to get drier and may only need to be washed once a day.

Also, be aware of your skin’s condition. If your skin is drier than normal, you may be overdoing your cleansing routine. If your T zone is getting oilier, you may not be giving it enough attention when you wash your face.

What should you remember about a proper cleansing technique?

The following are some general tips to remember about washing your face, no matter what skin type you have:

  • Remove your makeup before cleansing your skin – Many cleansers don’t completely remove makeup, so you should use a dedicated product for removing your makeup before washing your skin.
  • Find the right cleanser and moisturizer – No one product is best for everyone, so find the products that work well on your unique skin.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures – Use lukewarm water to avoid irritating your skin.

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