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How are acne and the papules and pustules of rosacea different?

Oct 15

If you are developing red bumps and pimples on your skin, you may assume that it is acne. However, it may be another condition called rosacea. Acne and ...

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What is the Best Soap for Pimples?

Feb 14

Patients who have acne often struggle with this condition for years. While some with mild cases can manage the condition with over-the-counter skincare products and soaps, others are ...

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What Foods Cause Acne on the Face?

Nov 15

While food by itself does not actually cause acne or prevent it, there may be some links between nutrition and acne flare-ups. For most patients, acne occurs due ...

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At what age is acne the worst?

Aug 15

Acne. It’s a condition most associated with teenagers going through puberty. The changes in hormones and the oily skin can cause acne lesions to develop in both girls ...

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How to treat mild acne

Feb 14

Acne is a skin condition that can affect anyone at any age, though many teenagers struggle with it when they start puberty. Puberty can cause a dramatic shift ...

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