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Day 1

• Morning - Welcome and registration of preceptorship attendees

• 11.00-12.00 - Infusion suite insight

• 12.00-13.00 - Lunch Lecture "Practical Issues" Francisco A. Kerdel, M.D.

• 13.30-16.00 - Presentation of case studies of patients who are currently on a variety of biologic treatments. The medical history of each patient will be presented and the attendees will have the opportunity to interview each patient. Location: Florida Academic Dermatology Center.

• Evening - Dinner

Day 2

• 8.00-9.00 - Dermatology in-patient rounds at the University of Miami Hospital with Francisco A.Kerdel, M.D.

• 9.00-10.00 - University of Miami Department of Dermatology Grand Rounds - Participate in a presentation and discussion of the key dermatologic cases seen during the week.

• 10.00-11.00 - Presentation of case studies of patients, continued. Location: Florida Academic Dermatology Center.

• 11.00-12.00 - Lecture "The Use of Biologics in Nail Psoriasis" - Francisco A. Kerdel, M.D.

• 12.00-13.00 - Lunch and Round table discussion "Misconceptions about Biologics-Perception vs. Reality" - Francisco A. Kerdel, M.D.

• 13.15-14.30 - Lecture: "How to start a biologics clinic" - Associate Professor Paolo Romanelli, M.D., University of Miami Medical School, Department of Dermatology

• 14.30-15.30 - Tour of the University of Miami School of Medicine.

• 15.30-16.30 - Attend clinic patients with Francisco A.Kerdel, M.D.

• 17.00 - Program close